Keisi-provtagningsvagn 60500_1

Model 60500_1 includes:

  • L 710 mm / S 460 mm / H 1050 mm (with pipe rack)
  • Table top height 680 mm
  • Large, divisible tube rack for up to 800 tubes
  • The inclination and position of the pipe rack are adjustable
  • The tray and tube rack are removable
  • One large, sturdy drawer
  • Wide shelf level
  • Movable racks for bottles, hazardous waste and rubbish bins can be placed around the table
  • Retractable writing pad, opens at both ends
  • High quality and lockable wheels (Ø 125 mm)
  • Painted with antimicrobial powder paint: prevents bacteria from living on the painted surface

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