Racks for sports and leisure equipment

Sport and leisure equipment storage solutions from Innopart Oy – delivery always free!

Are your fishing rods tangled up? Are your baseball bats broken and left in a corner? Not anymore!

Innopart Oy offers handy storage racks for sport and leisure equipment. We’ve developed our own tailored storage racks for fishing rods, baseball bats and skis.

We deliver the racks to addresses in Finland free of charge

Sivakka ski rack (closed model)

If you’re in need of a larger storage solution, the Sivakka closed model ski rack can hold eight pairs of cross-country skis.

Sivakka ski rack (open model)

The Sivakka open model ski rack is designed to hold cross-country and downhill skis.

Lämäri stick rack

The reliable Lämäri stick rack is great for storing ice hockey and floorball sticks.

Fisu rod rack

Innopart’s Fisu rod rack is a great place to store your fishing rods.

Koppari baseball bat rack

Koppari provides a compact storage solution for your baseball bats.