Ilona-näytteenottovaunu 60600_3

60600_3 model includes:

  • Width 710 mm, depth 460 mm, height 675 mm
  • Two large and sturdy sliding drawers
  • Wide shelf above the drawer
  • A big tube shelf which can be divided into sections and holds up to 800 tubes
  • The angle and the depth of the tube shelf are adjustable
  • Tray can be detached
  • Movable accessory racks for disinfectant bottles, clinical waste-, and rubbish containers
  • Retractable writing surface, can be opened from both ends
  • High quality and lockable ball bearing casters (Ø 125 mm)
  • The cart is painted with antimicrobial powder coating which help combat the bacterial growth
  • Width 710 mm, depth of the tabletop 400 mm and height of the tabletop 675 mm.
  • Linak electrically adjustable 150 mm height adjustment.
  • The cart is lifted from under the drawers.
  • The cart has own, long-lasting battery.
  • The height of the cart is adjustable between 820-1020 mm, which also allows standing work.
  • The height of the cart's tabletop can be adjusted between 675-825 mm.
  • The total height of the cart with the big tube shelf can be adjusted between 1045-1195 mm.

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