Phlebotomy carts continuous development

Feb 16, 2023

Development of phlebotomy carts and ward trolleys based on customer requirements


The latest product developed is an additional level that can be attached to the innogrip-rail. This product optimizes the customer’s operational process both in the sampling room and on the ward round. In the sampling room, when attached to the phlebotomy cart, the small extra level provides additional space for storing, for example, a tube holder, a tube mixer, a tape roll holder or a skin cleanser kept on a table. Especially for the compact Onni sample collection cart, the extra level provides convenient table space on the side of the trolley. Phlebotomy carts continuous development based on customer requirements enables the optimization of the customer’s operational processes.

The product is suitable for the following sampling trolleys:

With the ward round, the extra level can easily accommodate a mobile printer, a tube mixer, a roll-on/roll-off device or a tube holder. The product is suitable for our Oiva-sampling trolley.


Hygiene considerations during a ward round

During an in-department sampling round, it is not a good idea to place the client’s sample tubes on the client’s bed without a base. The tubes can easily spill under the patient and thus some samples may not be collected. The new extra level provides a solution to this problem. The client’s tubes can be placed on an extra level attached to the edge of the tray of the Oiva trolley, where they are easily and ergonomically within reach of the sampler’s hand. The extra level can be attached around the tray, so that the level is close to the sampler, whether the sampler is right or left-handed.



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