Customer-orientation and user-friendliness have been the key features in the product development process of Onni carts. The carts are compact in size and the equipment is arranged in such way that the operation is optimal in the sampling situation. Each sampling step and the sampler's trajectory have been carefully considered. Onni carts support a smooth and efficient sampling process, which at the same time strengthens the customer's experience of a calm and a pleasant laboratory visit.

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Ergonomics first

Onni-phlebotomy cart and waste cart include two carts, one for blood sample supplies and one for waste containers. The waste cart can be placed inside the phlebotomy cart or kept separate on both sides of the sampler.

The free placement of the carts allows the sampler to work ergonomically with a minimum of reach and rotation.

The Onni phlebotomy cart and the waste cart can be ordered together or separately.

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For optimal sample collection


  • In the Onni phlebotomy cart, all supplies have their own place, which makes the sampling process efficient and clear.
  • Tubes and sampling supplies are in the same level and ergonomically within arm’s reach.
  • A box for sampling supplies is at the front of the phlebotomy cart. The tube packages are placed behind the sampling box. Dividers can be placed in the sampling box every 55mm intervals.
  • The idea is to fill the sampling box with sampling supplies in the sampling order. The sampling box is removable, so you can lift it up and rotate 180 degrees. Thus, the cart is easily modified for left- and right-handed users.
  • Above the sampling box is a sliding level for tube rack and tube mixer. Below the sampling box is a drawer. In the drawer, you can store supplies you don’t need all the time or with every customer.
  • Racks for disinfectant bottle, skin cleanser and disposable gloves package are positioned on both ends of the sample collection cart.

Dimensions of the Onni-phlebotomy cart

  • Width 590 mm, depth 400 mm and height 850 mm.
  • Internal dimensions of the tube storage: W 520 mm, D 195 mm and H 120 mm
  • Three 150 x 180 mm size tube packages (100 tubes per package) or five 95 x 185 mm size tube packages (50 tubes per package) fit to the tube storage, for example.
  • Dimensions of the sampling box: W 575 mm, D 152 mm and H 80 mm.
  • Dimensions of the sliding level: W 255 mm x D 165 mm.
  • Internal dimensions of the drawer: Width 490 mm, depth 315 mm and height 95 mm.
  • There is a rail on both sides of the phlebotomy cart where you can place racks for clinical waste container and rubbish bins, if you don’t need a separate waste cart.

Dimensions of the Onni-waste cart

  • Small and light cart for clinical waste container and rubbish bin.
  • Width 590 mm, depth 335 mm and height 495 mm.
  • Clinical waste container and rubbish bin are hidden inside the cart.
  • The waste cart allows a large clinical waste container to be used smoothly and safely in the sampling situation.
  • Dimensions of the hole for clinical waste container 90 x 110 mm. Dimensions of the hole for rubbish container 90 x 150 mm
  • Rubbish container is delivered together with the waste cart
  • Max. dimensions for a clinical waste container in the waste cart are W 388, D 280 and H 341 mm
    You can place for example following clinical waste container to the cart ABM Italia S.p.A. CS Plus clinical waste container 22 l (L 375 x S 275 x K 341 mm)
  • A 10 liter rubbish bin is delivered with the waste cart.

Enables aseptic work

A carefully considered process in the design of the Onni carts allows for aseptic work. The surface of the cart is antimicrobial and resistant to chemicals which makes the carts well suited for aseptic work. Antimicrobial powder coating help combat the bacterial growth on the painted surface.

The basic color is white. Onni-sampling furniture are available in the colors of your choice when the minimum order quantity is ten pieces.


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