Ergonomics with height adjustment

The height adjustment, together with the features of previous phlebotomy carts, enables the product to be suitable for the needs of each user and the situations encountered during sampling. The Ilona-phlebotomy cart is light to move and ergonomic. Everything you need is within arm’s reach, reducing the amount of twisting and turning you need to do to a minimum. The racks for disinfectant bottles, clinical waste containers, and rubbish containers can be placed freely all around the cart, meaning that you can adapt it to best suit your tasks. The Ilona phlebotomy cart is easy to use whether you’re left- or right-handed.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Compact size phlebotomy cart for small and large sampling needs


The Ilona-phlebotomy cart can be customized for various sampling needs.
A big or a small tube shelf can be placed on the cart. A big tube shelf has a movable divider that allows the tube shelf to be adjusted to fit the tube packages in use. The angle and the depth of the tube shelf are adjustable. You can also order Ilona phlebotomy cart without a tube shelf. Additional space is provided by the writing surface which is placed inside the cart. Retractable writing surface can be pulled to either the right or left side of the phlebotomy cart.

Check out the different model options and accessories for the Ilona-phlebotomy cart in our online store. Prices are visible to registered and logged in users.

The cart is customizable to the changing needs of customers

A wide selection of accessory racks is available for the Ilona-phlebotomy cart. We have racks for clinical waste-, and waste containers, disinfectant bottles, disposable gloves package, sampling stickers and forms. The racks can be placed freely all around the cart, so it adapts quickly to the right- and left-handed user. Separate racks allow the purchase of a rack only if, for example, the design or model of the clinical waste container changes.

Dimensions of the Ilona-phlebotomy cart


  • Width 710 mm, depth of the tabletop 400 mm and height of the tabletop 675 mm.
  • Linak electrically adjustable 150 mm height adjustment.
  • The cart is lifted from under the drawers.
  • The cart has own, long-lasting battery.
  • The height of the cart is adjustable between 820-1020 mm, which also allows standing work.
  • The height of the cart's tabletop can be adjusted between 675-825 mm.
  • The total height of the cart with the big tube shelf can be adjusted between 1045-1195 mm.
  • The total height of the cart with the small tube shelf can be adjusted between 945-1095 mm.

Height adjustable Ilona-phlebotomy cart is a sustainable and an ecological choice


  • Ilona-phlebotomy cart is an ecological and long-lasting purchase.
  • The cart is made of metals such as steel and aluminium. The cart is painted with antimicrobial powder coating which help combat the bacterial growth.
  • The tabletop is a tray which can be detached and easy to wash. The tray withstands high washing temperatures (93°C) and disinfectant washing.
  • High quality and lockable ball bearing casters, the cart can be moved smoothly from one side of the sampling chair to another.
  • Wheel diameter is 125 mm


Loads of space!

Rated 4 out of 5
October 11, 2023


1. Robust metal table/wagon on lockable wheels.

2. Electric height adjustable, so that many different people can work with it. (It could have been even a little lower at the lowest point and higher on the highest though.)

3. Also minor adjustible in dept for the upper region.

4. Several items to uppgrade the wagon for your own needs, and different places to put those on the wagon.

5. One can easily stock extra material in different places, to minimise interruption in work because lack of material.

6. Quite easy to clean.


1. Almoast little too big (wide). But if you have space and do more of your work next to the wagon, instead of moving it all the time, it’s super.

2. The connector for charging cable is difficult to reach. Poor placement!

3. Ofcource heavy and a bit wide, so a bit difficult to move around.

4. The locking of the weels is very hard and you need to press firmly in both ways too change.

Eva Magnusson Biomedical laboratory technician Sweden.

Gillar vagnen skarpt!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 11, 2023

Lätt att manövrera. Mycket nöjd med den sneda hyllan, behöver inte sträcka mig efter rör/nålar längre! Rymliga och smidiga lådor. Gillar att det finns en kant runt hela bordet så att saker inte glider av.


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