Saaga ward cart

A ward cart for sample collection on hospital and health centre wards

The agile Saaga ward cart is excellent for sample collection that takes place on wards in hospitals and health centres. Saada was designed in collaboration with industry professionals to meet healthcare needs. It makes sample collection easy for both the phlebotomist and patient.

Saaga is made in Finland from high-quality materials, such as chromed steel, and is sturdy and robust.

Excellent ergonomics

Above all else, attention was paid to ergonomics when designing the ward cart. An example of this is the racks that can be freely placed around the cart and make the cart equally accessible for both left- and right-handed people. The handles can be adjusted to two different heights (87 cm and 100 cm) for the user’s comfort.

Saaga in a nutshell

  • Height 100 cm, width 40 cm, length 55 cm

  • Various racks for rubbish, high-risk clinical waste and bottle holders

  • Separate rack for a tube rocker or mobile printer

  • Deep drawers: your equipment is stored safely on the move

  • Small, agile structure: very sturdy and stays upright

  • Chromed steel frame

  • Drawers made of ABS plastic

  • High-quality casters fitted with bearings

  • Trays and tray holders are detachable and easy to clean

  • Our racks can be placed freely around the cart and also fit our other carts and the Innogrip rail

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Feedback on the Saaga ward cart

“The cart is very agile and is narrow enough to fit inbetween beds on the ward. The rubbish containers on the Saaga cart are large enough, one for used safety needles and the other for paper waste. There is less sharps waste nowadays because of the use of safety needles, but I’ve put the container for sharps waste on the lower shelf. At first, we planned for the handle to be adjustable, but then we felt it was unlikely that people would take the time to adjust it. The manufacturer suggested two different handle heights, which has proven to be a good choice.

We were able to participate in the design of the Saada sample collection cart. We aimed to design something good together, but in true Finnish fashion, the result was excellent.”

Jenni Aho (Seinäjoki Central Hospital)