Oiva Ward Cart

A robust and easy to move cart for a variety of uses

The easy to move Oiva Ward Cart is intended for, among others, sample collection tasks in hospitals and health centre wards. Oiva is designed to meet health care needs, in conjunction with experts in the field. The ward is intended specifically to take into account the more common mobile devices involved in the sample collection process.

Made from high quality materials, such as chrome-plated steel and aluminium, Oiva is a robust high quality product and manufactured to endure continuous use, over a long period of time.

When you insist on ergonomics and versatility

During the design of the ward cart, particular attention was paid to ergonomics and versatility. This is shown, among others, in the freely positioning of racks, due to which it is suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Ergonomics are also contributed to through push handles, which are set at two different heights (93 cm or 105 cm). Thus, the cart is suitable for the needs of users of different heights.

Oiva in a nutshell

  • 2−3 trays of different depth options can be attached to the cart.

  • Washable trays are removable as a whole.

  • The basic cart includes two trays at depths of 60 mm and 45 mm.

  • The trays are made of aluminium and painted with antimicrobial powder coating: prevents the thriving of bacteria on the painted surface.

  • Push handles at two heights: 93 cm or 105 cm.

  • High-quality and lockable, ball-bearing wheels.

  • The basic colour of the trays is white, the basic colours of the corner protectors are green, gray, red (Magenta), turquoise, blue and orange.

  • Accessory: racks for bottles, forms & sticker and clinical waste & rubbish container

  • A separate additional level, for example, for test tube rockers/shakers and mobile printers.

  • A sampling chair can also be attached to the cart by means of a separate device.

  • Racks can be positioned freely around the 60 mm tray.

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