Husky Sample Collection Cart

The Husky Sample Collection Cart streamlines the routines of hospital and health centre sample collection rooms. It has been designed with healthcare professionals and is even applicable for cramped locations, due to its small size.

Made from aluminium, Husky is a high-quality product, which is innovative and made completely in Finland. It has been created to meet the needs of the hospital world.

An easily adaptable sample collection cart

Various racks can be freely positioned on both ends of the sample collection cart, whereupon the cart may be modified to be most applicable to your work. The Husky Sample Collection Cart is suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Customers also have the opportunity to influence the appearance of the carts, since it is possible to order boxes and corner protectors, for example, in colours best befitting the particular healthcare district.

  • Compact and lightweight, easy to move.

  • Dimensions: W 71cm / D 40cm / H 68 cm (without tube rack)

  • Three large and lockable, robust sliding drawers.

  • A drawer can be separated into sections with dividers.

  • High quality and lockable, ball-bearing wheels.

  • Moveable racks for hazardous material dishes, bottles and a litter bin.

  • Painted with antimicrobial powder coating, that prevents bacteria thriving on the painted surface.

  • Easy to keep clean.

  • The basic colour of the cart is white, the basic colours of the corner protectors are green, gray, red, blue, turquoise and orange.

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